Demonstrating the value of manual hand construction, we choose to slow down the process in order to highlight the fundamentals which ground us. Making objects that are intended for daily use, we work with the environment to cater for personal necessity and routine.

Dissatisfied with the norms of current consumer cycles, we set out to develop a selection of independent fabrication methods. Inspired by the natural materials which are grown here in New Zealand - we dedicated our time into practicing the art of manual construction and repair.

Creating objects that are simple, versatile and built to stand. We offer a modern interpretation of your common carry essentials - made to order and delivered directly to you.



All of our products are made from durable New Zealand cowhide, a leather that develops a beautiful patina with wear. Having suppliers that are nearby allows us to visit often and hand select our hides. As with all natural materials each piece presents a unique set of traits. We see beauty in the characteristics that define each new object.



When we began making bags we visualised them as wearable objects of furniture. This mentality has shaped our approach to design - creating a component based form of assembly, that both streamlines our construction process. Wood forms the foundation of these pieces and is sustainably harvested from the pine forests in the North Island of New Zealand.



Our products are made to order and we complete this process under one roof. From the calm smell of leather to hand-stitching every corner, this dedication to modern craftsmanship ensures that we maintain a premium standard of production.



Wellington is a city of mountains, forests, ocean and wind - often experiencing a range of seasons in a single day. We believe that these unique conditions have fostered the growth of a resilient community. Growing as part of this community inspired our design principles of adaptation and repair, producing objects that will stand the test of time.



Once the quality of our construction has passed a meticulous inspection, we send your order directly to you. Offering a well-made local product at an honest price.

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